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Walls are a room's public face; their look influences the room’s ambience and overall impression. The main factors affecting the choice of system relate to design, health, durability and the environment.

Floors are exposed to the heaviest mechanical stresses produced in a building. At the same time, demands for a system solution that considers esthetic and ecological aspects are becoming more important.

Economic as well as esthetic factors play a large role in facade design. So the choice of the right plaster, paint and coating systems helps reduce maintenance costs and conserves a building’s value.

Moisture damages destroys concrete and masonry over the long term. Structural protection and preservation is afforded by prophylactic water-repellent treatment and efficient renovation strategies.

Windows and doors are subject to extreme stress. Stress caused by large temperature differences, weather extremes and movement by structural elements determine the choice of product to use.

There are many external influences in bathrooms and kitchens. Suitable materials must be capable of withstanding the effects of water and many other sources of stress. Key properties are resistance to chemicals, aging, abrasion and microorganisms.

Roofs are the main source of protection for buildings, and as such are constantly exposed to the elements: sun, rain, snow, hail and exhaust fumes all affect the state of roofs. An effective and long lasting protective surface is able to prolong a roof’s service life, thus playing a key part in retaining a building’s value.

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